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Contact Lens Notification

Today’s successful contact lens progress evaluation is an essential element of your continued contact lens’s safety and comfort. Always pay very close attention to any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms or eye irritation. Many factors may interfere with optimum contact lens performance. These can include ocular inflammation or infection, changes in prescription, dry eyes, seasonal allergies, improper lens’ discard timetable, over wearing of contacts, irritation from smoking, environmental influences, cosmetics, and lens care product compatibility.

Contact lenses require a medical prescription and, at a minimum according to federal law a yearly progress evaluation to renew their ocular suitability and vision accuracy. All contact lens wearers need to annually update their contact lens prescription which is not the same as an eyeglass prescription because it includes a base curve, diameter and brand name. This is in addition to a routine eye exam. There is a contact lens re-evaluation fee, this amount for which varies according to the type of contact lens you wear.