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Getting right glasses

CyberEYES - Get the right glasses every time!

FRAME SELECTION -Picking out new glasses at our office is now easy, fun, and informative. With CyberEYES, you 
can look forward to the latest
technology in choosing the right glasses for you and your family. CyberEYES lets you see yourself in the frames of your choice. Compare frames side by side to eliminate the need for a tag along friend. 
You can take an image of your new glasses with you to show friends and family. Need a second opinion? Email 
the image to your sister in California or 
to your spouse overseas.

LENS OPTIONS -CyberEYES shows you how your glasses would look with lens options such as anti-reflective coatings, photochromics, and a wide variety of fashion tints. Enhance and protect your vision while expressing your individual style; CyberEYES gives you the confidence to make your selections. 
You will be able to see exactly how 
your glasses are going to look when 
you receive them. No more leaving the office with that nagging doubt about 
your new purchase.

Thinking about colored contact 
lenses? CyberEYES lets you �try on� 
all of the latest colored contact lenses without irritating your eyes. It�s quick, easy, and fun! 




PRECISE MEASUREMENTS FOR THE BEST FIT -Whether you are ready for your first progressive glasses, or have been a long time progressive wearer, CyberEYES is for you! New progressive lens wearers often fear they will be unable to adapt. Even Seasoned progressive wearers may have had 
trouble when ordering new glasses, 
which can be both frustrating and time consuming. The major cause of problems for progressive wearers is inaccurate measurements. CyberEYES eliminates 
this problem by ensuring accurate 
measurements and virtually eliminating remakes. Your glasses will be right the first time, every time.



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